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Report on the energy performance analysis of the 4 ZERO-PLUS settlements

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ZERO-PLUS is a comprehensive, cost-effective approach for the design, construction and monitoring of Net Zero Energy Settlements (NZESs).


Focusing on the settlement-level instead of single buildings, the ZERO-PLUS approach aims to bring together settlement planners, building designers, technology developers and suppliers, energy efficiency and renewable energy experts, contractors, and building owners to work together from the earliest stages of project conception to optimise the NZES design.


The ZERO-PLUS approach is described in the ZERO-PLUS Guidebook for Designing Net Zero Energy (NZE) Settlements.


It consists of a series of guidelines for designing and implementing NZE Buildings and Settlements in Europe that can be used by subsequent similar projects and by the building industry. 


The ZERO-PLUS approach was successfully applied in four pilot projects in different climatic settings (in France, the UK, Italy, and Cyprus) as part of the ZERO-PLUS project.


This report presents the validation procedure for the energy and environmental performance of the four settlements along with the analysis and results of the real-life implementation of the ZERO-PLUS approach vs the ZERO-PLUS ambition set, validating its success.