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Report on EU implementation of nZEBs

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The EU H2020 project CRAVEzero ( Cost Reduction and market Acceleration for ViablE nearly zero-energy buildings) focuses on proven and new approaches to reduce the costs of nZEBs at all stages of the life cycle. The primary goal is to identify and eliminate the extra costs for nZEBs related to processes, technologies, building operation, and to promote innovative business models taking into account the cost-effectiveness for all the stakeholders. The starting point is to identify the current state of implementation of the nZEB concept in the national regulations, analysing minimum performances and features required by the Member States.

This report is the result of a cross-national analysis including local experts for a special insight for Germany, Austria, France, Italy and Sweeden, the reference countries adopted within the project CRAVEZero. It describes the framework of the EU directives and it gives an overview of the current nZEB market at EU level, also identifying how it is influenced by the adopted implementation. Moreover, it includes the cross-comparison of the targets based on a reference building, identifying the level of ambition of the EU countries.

For having an updated overview of the nZEB implementation in EU, you can find the report at the following link: