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REPUBLIC_ZEB report on the energy use evaluation methodology

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Country assumptions for the application of the energy use (fossil and renewable) evaluation methodology to the project's case studies


This report, a deliverable of the Refurbishment of the Public Building Stock towards NZEB (REPUBLIC_ZEB) project, elaborated by the Politecnico di Torino (POLITO), outlines the advantages and disadvantages of simplified and detailed tools for the calculation of the energy performance of buildings.  Partners were asked to express their preference for the most suitable calculation method considering the following three alternative options:


• common tool provided by POLITO;

• national tools, assessed at country level;

• dynamic simulation tool.



The document explains the common methodology to calculate the total global primary energy used according to the existing legislation, and summarises the country/project partner assumptions for the application of the energy use evaluation methodology.


The report concludes that the use of the common tool as a reference tool is recommended so as to make it easier to compare results among different countries. Nevertheless, partners are free to adopt the most suitable calculation methodology.  



To download the report, please visit the relevant REPUBLIC_ZEB website.