Resource Efficiency Opportunities in the Building Sector - Opinion Factsheet

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This document contains the draft opinion of the Committee of the Regions (CoR) on the resource efficiency opportunities in the building sector. The document was presented at the 111th plenary session of the Committee, which took place on 16-17 April 2015.


The key points of the draft opinion are the following:


  • CoR fully supports the European Commission's efforts to develop common objectives and indicators as a basis for common European standards for resource efficiency in the building sector in order to increase policy coordination and coherence.


  • Local and regional authorities are key partners in promoting greater resource efficiency, given its advantages for the environment, climate, economy and society. Therefore, CoR is concerned that the Commission communication overlooks the role of these authorities. Furthermore, CoR stresses the central role of local and regional authorities as investors. For this reason, the Committee asks the Commission to analyse ways and means in which the Committee and local and regional authorities can be involved in the consultations which are to follow from the present communication.


  • CoR points out that in the broad and complex policy area of sustainable buildings, initiatives must be based on a holistic approach which takes account of all aspects related to the needs and concerns of individuals, communities and institutions using the buildings. Furthermore, local circumstances and benefits to the local economy should be considered as important aspects of sustainability.



To download the document, please visit the relevant Committee of the Regions website: