Results of interim assessment of Student Switch Off (SAVES project)

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Student Switch Off (SSO) is an inter-dormitory energy-saving competition run in 475 dormitories managed by 17 different university housing providers, housing 24,976 students in five countries over the academic years 2014/15 and 2015/16 (49,952 students in total over 2 years). SSO is part of the SAVES project, a project funded by the EU.


Through a series of engagement activities and instruments students are enabled, empowered and motivated to save energy in their dormitories as a result of change in their energy behaviour.


At the end of academic year 2014-2015 an interim evaluation of the Student Switch Off campaign took place to collect feedback to help update the energy dashboard and the campaign ahead of year 2 of its implementation. More specifically the interim evaluation of the Student Switch Off campaign aimed to determine and evaluate:


  • what worked well with the campaign in year 1;
  • what could be done better in year 2;
  • additional requirements for the energy dashboard.


Both students and key individuals directly involved in the campaign in each country participated in the evaluation.


The findings of the interim evaluation are reported here.