Romania: Declaration in 10 points regarding a National Renovation Strategy

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This document on Romania’s national renovation strategy, elaborated by the Romania Green Building Council in the context of the BUILD UPON project, is the outcome of ten sessions of public consultation in 7 of Romania’s representative cities: Cluj, Iasi, Galati, Brasov, Craiova, Timisoara and Bucharest.


During these sessions, more than 400 stakeholders of different age, and social and economic background, including building occupants and local and national public sector representatives, industry, and civil society, met and discussed about the renovation of Romania’s building stock, with the intention to co-create and build support for an ambitious planning and implementation of Romania’s National Renovation Strategy.


The goal of this consultation was to facilitate the dialogue, gain an understanding of the benefits and a sense of the collective responsibility of all interested parties in order to successfully transform the existing building stock, both public and private, across all building types.


The 10 recommendations of the Declaration on which the national renovation strategy must focus are the following:


  1. Safe and healthy buildings with a long life
  2. Quality buildings
  3. Compliant building materials
  4. Cost reductions through energy, repair and health savings, especially for vulnerable citizens.
  5. Incentives from the government
  6. Innovative financial tools and mobilisation of private funds
  7. Circular economy approach
  8. The power of example
  9. National and local campaigns of awareness rising
  10. Collaboration and engagement


The Declaration was presented to the public on 2 June 2016, at the ARCUB cultural institute, a deep renovation example in the Municipality of Bucharest.



Click here for the English version of the document.

Click here for the Romanian version of the document.