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Solar Update: IEA SHC Newsletter, Volume 64, December 2016

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The December 2016 issue -Volume 64- of the Newsletter of the International Energy Agency Solar Heating and Cooling (IEA SHC) Programme contains information on the latest developments relating to the Solar Heating and Cooling Programme, announcements of upcoming events and new publications.


 Specific articles of this issue include:


  • SHC 2017 Conference
  • Opportunities for Action
  • Task 55: European Solar District Heating (SDH) Projects – The Next BIG Solar Step
  • Interview with Jan de Boer: Advanced Lighting Solutions for Retrofitting Buildings  
  • Task 50: Improving Lighting Retrofits
  • The Lighting Retrofit Adviser
  • Task 51: Summer School Twist
  • Canadian Solar Community Hits
  • 100% Solar Heating
  • Slovakia Joins IEA SHC
  • Country Highlight - Solar Thermal in Qatar Today and Tomorrow
  • Task 54: Industry and Research Join Forces on Reliability Testing of Collectors and Materials
  • Members   

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