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State of the art of environmental sustainability in academic curricula and conditions for registration

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EDUCATE State of the Art

State of the Art of Environmental Sustainability in Academic Curricula and Conditions for Registration

This report of the EDUCATE (Environmental Design in University Curricula and Architectural Training in Europe) project analyses and consolidates the international state-of-the-art concerning the integration of sustainable environmental design and energy efficiency in architectural education and in the condition for professional qualification across Europe and in selected non-European countries.

The report features the following contents:

  • Detailed description of architectural-accredited degrees (including undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate courses) at each of the 7 partner academic institutions;
  • Significant exempla of architectural curricula per each of the 6 participating countries (United Kingdom, Belgium, Germany, Italy, Spain, Hungary: 29 curricula);
  • Paradigmatic models of architectural curricula in 16 non-participating EU countries (23 curricula);
  • Exempla of architectural curricula in 7 selected non-EU countries (10 curricula);
  • Criteria for accreditation of academic curricula and conditions for professional registration in 22 European countries and in 7 selected non-European countries.