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Statistical report about geometrical and energetic characteristics of new Flemish buildings 2006-2011

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This report of the Flemish Energy Agency presents a wide range of characteristics of new constructions in the Flemish Region for the period 2006-2011.
  1. Procedural information
    1. Information on submitted energy performance declarations for new buildings
    2. Energy performance certificates
    3. Rapporteurs
  2. Characteristics of the building stock
    1. Single dwellings
    2. Apartment buildings
    3. Office buildings
    4. School buildings
    5. Buildings with other functions
    6. Industrial buildings
  3. Dwellings – statistical information regarding:
    1. Geometrical characteristics
    2. Thermal insulation level
    3. Thermal capacity
    4. Airtightness
    5. Ventilation systems
    6. Heating systems
    7. Solar domestic water
    8. PV systems