Summer comfort and cooling: calculation methods and requirements

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Summer comfort and the energy consumption for cooling are a growing point of attention, not only in Mediterranean climates, but also in the more moderate summer climates of Central and Northern Europe. This paper summarizes the results of a survey of a dozen European countries with respect to the handling of these aspects in the national/regional EPB-regulations.

Until recently, the focus of many EPB-regulations and much standardisation work has more strongly been on the energy consumption for space heating. However, in recent years growing attention is being given to the aspect of summer comfort (if possible without active cooling)
or to the energy consumption caused by cooling. Nevertheless, it is clear that, generally speaking, the methods for summer comfort and cooling are not yet as advanced as the methods for space heating, where several decades of operational experience have led to proven and mature
calculation methodologies and requirements. In the framework of the IEE-ASIEPI project an inventory has been made of the state of the following aspects in the EPB-regulations of several
European countries:
› the way in which the energy consumption for cooling is calculated
› the way in which summer comfort is evaluated, if at all
› any explicit requirements that are imposed with respect to summer comfort and/or cooling
The main findings are summarized in this paper.

Information paper 163 of ASIEPI European project