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Ten things you didn't know about European energy - Infographic

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In February 2017, the European Commission released an infographic on clean energy, energy efficiency, clean technology, and energy innovation in the European Union, to help consumers become better acquainted with the facts and figures of energy consumption in the EU.


The infographic provides information on the following topics:


  1. Energy Union is the biggest European strategy in 60 years.
  2. Energy efficient products are not science fiction
  3. Empowered consumers - key role in the new European energy system.
  4. Clean technology is becoming more affordable.
  5. Energy innovation "made in the EU".
  6. Energy also blows with the wind.
  7. Market integration: southern sun goes north, northern wind goes south.
  8. European energy comes in big waves.
  9. Clean energy spreads
  10. Wasting energy is as bad as wasting food.


To access the infographic, please visit the relevant European Commission webpage at the link below.