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TightVent Europe newsletter issue #12 - May 2017

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A recent survey amongst experts of the TightVent Airtightness Committee revealed changes in regulatory building airtightness requirements in 6 out of 10 countries since 2011 as well as significantly growing awareness. These are positive signs that should be reinforced with quality assurance measures to reduce the risk of discrepancies between claimed or expected and actual performance. Several good examples of such measures have been documented in the QUALICHeCK project and could serve as inspiration for other parties. Conversely, ductwork airtightness problems have been mostly overlooked in many countries in the past 5 years (although they seem resolved in Scandinavia). The new French compliance framework for ductwork airtightness testers or the airflow rate measurement requirements recently introduced in Belgium and the UK could initiate a positive market reaction.


This newsletter outlines several initiatives and findings to improve the compliance of building and ductwork airtightness.


Contents include:


  • Foreword
  • Register now for the 13 -14 September 2017 – 38th AIVC & 6th TightVent conference in Nottingham, UK
  • Keynote speakers at 38th AIVC Conference
  • QUALICHeCK factsheets relevant to ventilation & airtightness
  • Building & ductwork airtightness requirements in Europe
  • Ductwork airtightness gets better in France
  • 180 participants at BUILDAIR 2017
  • Energy Efficiency and Indoor Climate in Buildings
  • Shifting to ISO 9972:2015
  • Product news from our partners

To read and download the newsletter please click on the link provided below.