Towards an identification of European indoor environments’ impact on health and performance - homes and schools.

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This white paper, released by the Fraunhofer, Institut für Bauphysik – IBP, pinpoints key findings from a large literature screening of the impact of European indoor environments on health and performance in homes and schools.


According to the authors, today’s building regulations focus primarily on energy efficiency in buildings, disregarding any measures to ensure that buildings are healthy and stimulate bodies, minds and creativity. Lack of sufficient amount of daylight has negative effects on mental health, while lack of ventilation is closely linked to problems of damp, indoor humidity and mould; if ventilation rate is too low, respiratory infections can occur.


The results show that the indoor environments in European homes and schools have a significant impact on public health and learning, and that the indoor environmental conditions of the current European housing building stock have substantial shortcomings. Further action is necessary to improve the indoor climate where people live and learn, and it should also be reflected in National building codes and European building legislation.


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