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Trends in energy consumption and energy efficiency 2000 - 2012

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This report by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) of the European Commission describes and analyses the energy consumption patterns in EU-28 for the period 2000-2012, in the four main energy consuming sectors:


  • residential;
  • tertiary;
  • transport;
  • industry. 



Besides the final energy consumption, electricity and gas consumption are analysed in the report, as they are the most important alternatives to oil.


The report consists of five chapters:


  • Chapter 1 compares data for gross and final energy consumption. This comparison gives insights about energy consumption/losses that take place before the delivery of energy for the final end use.
  • Chapter 2 analyses the final energy consumption in the residential sector. A special focus is given in this sector, because many policies have been implemented here. The analysis includes consumption drivers such as economic growth, population, heating demand, household characteristics and energy prices.
  • Chapter 3 focuses on the tertiary sector and gives an overview of the energy consumption changes.
  • Chapter 4 analyses the transport sector, with a focus on the road sector.
  • Chapter 5 gives an overview of the main changes in the industry sector in the energy consumption and production output.



The research results show that, in total, final energy consumption has declined from 2000 (-2%). The breakdown into different sectors shows that the largest decline of energy consumption took place in the industry sector (-15%), in the residential sector there was some small decline (-2%), in the transportation sector there was slight growth (+2%) and the tertiary sector grew significantly (+27%).



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