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Why Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are the Right Choice

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Brochure in 4 languages: Why Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are the Right Choice


One of the main outcomes of the CoNZEBs project is the brochure for occupants (tenants and owners of their apartment). It informs about experiences, expectations and co-benefits of living in Nearly Zero Energy Buildings (NZEBs) and is available in four national versions (German, Danish, Italian and Slovenian).


The brochure


- explains what a Nearly Zero Energy Building is,


- summarises the advantages of living in multi-family NZEBs and


- presents the results of the CoNZEBs end-user survey on expectations to and experiences with living in such high energy perfoming buildings.


- Besides it deals with some prejudices (myths) regarding high energy efficient buildings and


- presents one exemplary NZEB in each country.


The national versions of the brochures can be downloaded from here.