Zero carbon compendium - Who's doing what in housing worldwide

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This compendium from the NHBC Foundation together with the Zero Carbon Hub (United Kingdom) is a synthesis of international activity in the field of low carbon housing, providing information on how 15 different countries are dealing with low carbon technology, culture change, policy development and change management. For each country, headline energy consumption and climatic data has been assembled to provide context. This is accompanied by an analysis of progress against national aspirations and policy targets for emissions reductions.

This Compendium aims to create a better

understanding of the issues surrounding the

achievement and delivery of zero carbon

housing, improve the quality of the debate,

and set out a basis for better international

comparisons and collaboration. This

document clearly sets out comparable data

across an interesting set of case studies,

perhaps highlighting the need for a harmony

of approach with regards to assessing

building performance, and providing

the start for a more detailed evaluation

of specific criteria related to energy and

emissions on an international level.