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Dublin city housing regeneration to passive-grade and community hub

Before the refurbishment started, the local authority had around 1,500 bedsits right across the city. Known as zero-bed units, they were small – usually no more than 26 square metres – and as they aged, they became progressively less...

Charles de Gaulle school in Tourcoing

The Charles de Gaulle is a preschool and elementary school building located in Tourcoing, France.   It is a certified Passive House new build.   THERMAL ENVELOPE:   Exterior wall Plaster 0,250 13 Rock wool 0,037 60 OSB 0,130 18 Wood fiber...

2020 Global Status Report of buildings and construction

The fifth edition of this annual report provides a snapshot of the progress of the buildings and construction sector globally towards the achievement of the goals of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change; particularly on the drivers of CO2...

Dialog designs mass timber net-zero carbon community college building for Canada

Architecture firm Dialog has revealed plans for a cross-laminated timber higher education building in Canada, which it says will be the first of its kind.   The project, called A-Block Building Expansion, is a six-storey addition to an...

Kohlerhaus (Italy)

The Kohlerhaus, a building dating back to the 14th century, was renovated to accommodate 10 apartments with the high standards of comfort and efficiency. The historical research carried out by the architect revealed the rich past of the...

IEA report: Cooling, more efforts needed

Energy demand for space cooling has more than tripled since 1990, making it the fastest-growing end use in buildings. Space cooling was responsible for emissions of about 1 GtCO2 and nearly 8.5% of total final electricity consumption in...

Energy poverty in Greece. Policy developments and recommendations to tackle the phenomenon

The Institute of Zero Energy Buildings published an enlightening report about energy poverty.   This report analyses energy poverty, unravels its strong link with energy transition and provides recommendations to tackle this issue.   In...

Poradnik POBE Zielony Ład

Boom dla „zielonych” i cyfrowych technologii w budownictwie – nowe cele polityki klimatycznej UE do 2030 r.   Tematy:   Integracja systemu energetycznego Fala renowacji budynków Nowe szanse dla branży instalacji Pobierz: Poradnik POBE...
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Hőkomfortot mérő bábuval kutatják az ideális épülethőmérsékletet a PTE-n

Az idei évben a Pécsi Tudományegyetemen (PTE) több beszerzés valósult meg Emberi Erőforrás Fejlesztési Operatív Programok keretében, melyek közül a közvélemény számára az egyik legérdekesebb minden bizonnyal a PTE Műszaki és Informatikai...
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A szélenergia a modern energiarendszerek elengedhetetlen része - Magyarországon is

  Az Energiaklub átfogó elemzést készített a szélenergiában rejlő lehetőségekről    A szélenergia a napjainkban elérhető technológiák közül a legkisebb környezeti terhelés mellett képes nagy mennyiségű villamos energia előállítására.   Az...
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Epuletgepesz Magazine - december 2020

The December 2020  issue of the  "Epuletgepesz" Magazine published by the Hungarian Mechanical Engieneering Society. Featured content: Hungarian summary article about the REHVA COVID-19 guidance document. Report about the OMEN 2020 Annual...

The new factsheets by RenOnBill give an overview on the residential building sector in Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain

With its new factsheets, the Horizon 2020 project RenOnBill provides key insights on the residential building sector of its four focus countries: Germany, Italy, Lithuania and Spain.   Each factsheet, available also in the respective...

New report by RenOnBill gives ten business model frameworks to implement on-bill schemes (OBS) in the EU

  On-bill schemes are between the most flexible and innovative solutions to facilitate the uptake of energy efficiency upgrades in residential buildings, according to new report by H2020 project RenOnBill: they can be easily adapted to...

Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) models towards smart flexible buildings

Delivering services to buildings based on an Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) model provides a new opportunity to Energy Service Companies (ESCOs and grid operators) aiming to generate new business or improve existing...

The Step by Step Guide for public authorities to reach the nZEB standards of public buildings

Improving energy efficiency in public buildings is at the core of the EU Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) and Energy Performance Building Directive (EPBD).   The eCentral project aims to support key stakeholders in the energy renovation...

E-learning for building professionals

The building sector presents a considerable unexploited potential for cost-effective energy savings. Nearly Zero-Energy Building (NZEB) standards have become a mandatory requirement in Europe for new construction from 2020, however...

Mapa drogowa dla wdrożenia metodyki BIM w zamówieniach publicznych

W ramach realizacji projektu” Cyfryzacja procesu budowlanego w Polsce” realizowanego przez Ministerstwo Rozwoju we współpracy z PWC i wspierany przez Komisję Europejską opracowana została „Mapa drogowa dla wdrożenia metodyki BIM w...
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Uusia esimerkkejä Talotekniikkainfossa

Two draft guides have been published by TALTEKA and are open for comments until 8 January 2021. The guides relate to residential ventilation solutions that can affect pressure and heat recovery in the cold. All building professionals are...
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Poradnik „Dom bez Rachunków”

  Zadaniem niniejszego poradnika jest pomoc projektantom, architektom i instalatorom w zakresie doboru i projektowania systemu składającego się z instalacji fotowoltaicznej, pompy ciepła oraz zasobników ciepła i ciepłej wody w domach jedno...
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Tamperelainen taloyhtiö säästi vuodessa 40 000 euroa energiakuluissa

  Pirkanmaalainen taloyhtiö teki energiaremontin ja säästi vuodessa huikean summan. Osasyynä oli uusi maalämmön ja poistoilman lämmöntalteenoton hybrijärjestelmä.   Pirkanmaalaiseen As. Oy. Peltolammin Veteraanitaloon oli tulossa iso...
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