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AIR - Air Information Review

This is the quarterly newsletter from the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC). It can be downloaded free of charge from the AIVC website.

ABER - Advances in Building Energy Research

Advances in Building Energy Research (ABER) aims to provide expert and authoritative reviews and analyses of the most important developments across the rapidly expanding fields of energy efficiency and environmental performance of...

Les bonnes pratiques du développement durable dans le bâtiment en France

This brochure gives information about the aim and works of the French "Observatoire des bâtiments durables" (Observatory of sustainable buildings) that was set up by the French Government. Its aims are to identify, evaluate and communicate...

Mehr Komfort und höhere Lerneffizienz mit weniger Energie

This article describes a new passive educational building in Neckargemünd (Germany). This building of 14 100 m2 is occupied since scholar year 2008-2009 by 1300 pupils. The investment is 24 M€ with an overcost of 7% compared to a classical...

"Easy to carry out" energy renovation of a typical Danish single family house from the period 1930

The project focus has been to show the effect of the “easy to carry out” measures, which do not interfere with the aesthetic appearance of the house and for which solutions and products already exist. Some measures can be carried out by...
There is a large potential for energy savings in the Danish building stock, 75% of the buildings being constructed before 1979 when the first important demands for energy performance of buildings were introduced. During the winter 2004-...

Aalborg: Implementing a comprehensive environmental plan for sustainability

The City of Aalborg has for many years been especially active in environmental politics, working on all environment- related fields. Local Agenda 21 gives additional inspiration and impetus for further environmental actions. Hereby, the...

Alternative power First National to hook up 4 fuel cells for electricity

A bank in Omaha, Nebraska plans to use fuel cells as the power supply for its new Technology Center. The steam that is produced will be used as backup heat

Sustainable building pilot project

Kelowna is working on a “ Sustainable Building ” pilot project to identify and clarify building regulations, standards and codes that effect energy efficiency, as part of the federal/provincial Community Action on Energy Efficiency (CAEE)...

Case study of a low-energy multifamily complex in Switzerland. First appraisal after two years of exploitation

A large multifamily complex of about 21’000 square meters (three buildings) was recently raised in the suburb of Geneva (Switzerland) and was certified Minergie®, a Swiss quality label.

Centro nacional de negocios

On january 19, 2005, the centro nacional de negocios in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, achieved LEED - NC v2 certification, making this the first LEED certified project in Mexico.

Shiodome tower

SHIODOME TOWER is a sustainable high-rise building designed to the basic concept of "a sustainable tower that is friendly to people and environment." As an environmental consideration in the architectural design, a highly energy efficient...

Dena's pilot project 'efficient homes'

In 2003, the Deutsche Energie-Agentur GmbH (dena) - the German Energy Agency - initiated the pilot project ”Efficient Homes” As part of the project, over 140 buildings have so far been refurbished for high energy efficiency (in some cases...

Solar building Leinefelde 2000

On 14th May 1996 the nation-wide exemplary pilot project „Solar building Leinefelde 2000“ was officially opened. This project is regarded as a front-runner in the sector of energy saving as the building heats itself to a large extent. It...

Wirecom Technologies head office

ECOSM in figure : Total surface area of the building : 1511 m2 Cost of construction : 2.1 millions euros or 1390 €/m2 42 photovoltaic membranes : 17.14 kWc LED lighting : 786 Watts Heat Pumps : 4 (inside the eco-sphere) 243 Wirecom...
The conception of the new head office of the company WIRECOM Technologies (Orléans, France) specialised in energy management solutions is based on a combination of traditional principles of construction and very innovative technologies....

Solar thermal applications in eastern Europe with guaranteed solar results

A 36 month project to encourage the emergence of a sustainable solar thermal market with the GSR quality approach in Bulgaria, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia in partnership with Austria, France, Germany and Greece
New and renewable energy sources

Thermal energy from renewables references and assessment

The ThERRA-project intends to develop and disseminat a methodology for monitoring the total amount of renewable heat produced in the EU.
Renewable energy sources

Pro-efficient cold&lighting products

overall aim is to promote voluntary initiatives for the most eco-energy efficient products.
Project on promotion of energy efficient lighting in house holds.

Chambers Promoting Intelligent Energy for SMEs

The CHANGE project helps SMEs optimise their energy use by developing a European network of intelligent energy advisors at Chambers of Commerce and Industry (CCIs) and by kick-starting/enhancing concrete assistance to SMEs.
Energy efficiency

Energy efficient lighting systems in public utility buildings

The project concerns testing and implementing of PICO method for implementation of energy efficient lighting in public utility buildings.
Project on promotion of energy efficient lighting in public utility buildings.

Environmentally friendly

The programme is organized by The President of Poland. The best sustainable projects including energy efficiency in buildings are awarded
National contest on sustainability.