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10th BUILD UP Skills EU Exchange Meeting, Rotterdam (the Netherlands), 30-31 May 2017

The 10th BUILD UP Skills EU exchange meeting took place on the 30th and 31st of May at the Bilderberg Hotel in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. As usual, this meeting was open for BUILD UP Skills project coordinators and partners involved in the BUILD UP Skills Pillar I, completed and ongoing BUILD UP Skills Pillar II, and ongoing Horizon 2020 Construction Skills projects. Similar to the past two EU Exchange Meetings, the two-day event included a site visit to a state-of-the-art construction skills and energy efficiency center / project and was followed by a dinner for everyone who wanted to join. For it was the last meeting in this series, emphasis was placed on the four Technical Working Groups delivering tangible outputs.

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BuildUpSkills banner
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Agenda - 10th EU Exchange Meeting
PDF icon agenda_-_10th_eu_exchange_meeting.pdf107.35 KB
Opening Session
PDF icon opening-session_easme_agata-kotkowska.pdf1.13 MB
PDF icon opening-session_dg_ener_dimitrios-athanasiou.pdf2.51 MB
PDF icon opening-session_dg_grow_roman-horvath.pdf964.28 KB
Parallel Sessions 1 & 4 - Technical Working Groups
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PDF icon twg3_presentations_and_wrap-up.pdf1.12 MB
File twg3_database-on-bus.xlsx136.48 KB
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PDF icon twg4_market-acceptance_energotrain-business-model-perspective.pdf1.44 MB
Parallel Session 2 - Project presentation
PDF icon parallel-session2-finalised-project_luxbuild_christiane-conrady.pdf2.52 MB
PDF icon parallel-session2-finalised-project_enerpro_dragomir-tzanev.pdf6.37 MB
PDF icon parallel-session2-finalised-project_bus_bricks_anna_moreno.pdf1.55 MB
PDF icon parallel-session2-finalised-project_foresee_helder-goncalves.pdf9.97 MB
Parallel Session 3 - Project presentation and cooperation
PDF icon nearly-finalised_upswing_charalampos-malamatenios.pdf1.29 MB
PDF icon nearly-finalised_itown_elisa-sirombo.pdf6.21 MB
PDF icon nearly-finalised_trainbud_viola-kemen_karoly-matolcsy.pdf3.94 MB
PDF icon nearly-finalised_swebuild_per-johan-wik.pdf7.55 MB
PDF icon nearly-finalised_stavedu_frantisek-doktor.pdf1.02 MB
PDF icon nearly-finalised_croskills_bojan-milovanovic.pdf3.26 MB
PDF icon cooperation-between-h2020_bustob.pdf5.78 MB
PDF icon cooperation-between-h2020_ingrees.pdf1.71 MB
PDF icon cooperation-between-h2020_prof-trac_mens.pdf1.13 MB
PDF icon cooperation-between-h2020_train-to-nzeb.pdf3.73 MB
Remarkable outputs of BUS projects
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PDF icon remarkable-outputs_luxbuild_christiane_conrady.pdf259.71 KB
PDF icon remarkable-outputs_prof_trac_open-platform_peter-op-t-veld.pdf467.49 KB
PDF icon remarkable-outputs_upswing_complete-process_charalampos-malamatenios.pdf444.53 KB
Plenary Session - Presentation of projects relevant to BUS
PDF icon relevant-project_build-upon_emilio-miguel-mitre.pdf24.11 MB
PDF icon relevant-project_skillco_valentina-kuzma.pdf5.73 MB
PDF icon relevant-project_connecting-people-for-green-skills_laura-bas.pdf4.47 MB
Plenary Session - Presentations by Trinomics
PDF icon trinomics_reflecting-on-projects-and-further-cooperation.pdf4.6 MB
PDF icon trinomics_timeline-for-evaluation.pdf11.27 MB
Plenary Session - Presentation by GOPA Com.
PDF icon gopa-com._website-collaborative-platform.pdf1.88 MB
Report on the 10th EU Exchange Meeting
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