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12th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting – 09- 10 December 2020

Leveraging the skills of building professionals to deliver on the European Green Deal – 9/12/2020

This event organised with the Executive Agency for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (EASME) aimed to provide an opportunity for an exchange of views between stakeholders and EU policymakers on the role of skilled building professionals in delivering the European Green Deal, in particular the so-called ‘renovation wave’ of public and private buildings.

A policy panel took stock of the progress achieved and efforts needed towards the 2030 targets. Parallel sessions discussed the role of skilled professionals in constructing and managing highly efficient and more digitalised buildings and delivering high-quality renovations. Panel discussions investigated the way forward, in particular how the contribution of skilled building professionals can be made more visible and valued by the market.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the event was organised fully online as a web-streaming.

You can watch the video of the event in our YouTube channel!


12th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting – 10/12/2020 

The 12th edition of the BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting gathered together participants from EU-funded projects addressing the upskilling of building professionals. These European exchange meetings have been held since the early days of the BUILD UP Skills initiative, which began in 2011. They aim to create a forum for exchange on common challenges and good practices in an effort to advance the skills agenda in the field of energy-efficient buildings.

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Skills Event Report
PDF icon skills_evens_report.pdf1.19 MB
Day 1 - Panel
PDF icon 1_day1panel_introduction_gordon_sutherland.pdf482.22 KB
PDF icon 2_day1panel_anita_derjanecz.pdf591.95 KB
PDF icon 3_day1panel_moderation_gordon_sutherland.pdf71.31 KB
Day 1 - Session 1
PDF icon 1_day1session1_cedric_de_meus.pdf550.11 KB
PDF icon 2_day1session1_lara_paemen.pdf915.94 KB
Day 1 - Session 2
PDF icon 1_day1session2_emmanuelle_causse.pdf1.17 MB
PDF icon 2_day1session2_richard_bayliss.pdf507.98 KB
Day 1 - Conclusions
PDF icon highlight_1_lacourt.pdf252.99 KB
PDF icon highlight_2_angelino.pdf223.9 KB
Day 2 - Panel
PDF icon 1_day2panel_introduction_gordon_sutherland.pdf589.62 KB
PDF icon 2_day2panel_marx.pdf.pdf640.11 KB
PDF icon 3_day2panel_borri.pdf534.62 KB
PDF icon 4_day2panel_roman_horvath.pdf372.1 KB
Day 2 - Group 1A
PDF icon 1_day2group1a_cromwijk.pdf2 MB
Day 2 - Group 1B
PDF icon 1_day2group1b_kowalska.pdf1.31 MB
PDF icon 2_day2group1b_petri.pdf2.12 MB
Day 2 - Group 2A
PDF icon 1_day2group2a_mccormcak.pdf2.06 MB
Day 2 - Group 2B
PDF icon 1_day2group2b_trnka_newcom.pdf1.03 MB