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7th EU Exchange Meeting, Brussels, 18-19 January 2016

The 7th EU Exchange meeting of the BUILD UP Skills initiative took place in Brussels 18 - 19 January 2016

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7th conference programme
PDF icon 7th_conference_programme.pdf99.82 KB
List of participants
PDF icon effective_list_of_participants_final_1.pdf113.49 KB
Plenary sessions presentations
PDF icon 1._vincent_berrutto_easme.pdf1.18 MB
PDF icon 2._paula_rey_garcia_dg_ener.pdf610.47 KB
PDF icon 3._felix_rohn_dg_empl.pdf349.52 KB
PDF icon 4._roman_horvath_dg_grow.pdf276.3 KB
PDF icon 5._alessandro_proia_easme.pdf258.61 KB
PDF icon cowi_bus_evaluation_presentation.pdf362.34 KB
PDF icon ee14_construction_skills.pdf1.01 MB
PDF icon trinomics_presentation_-_action_plan_bus_final.pdf788.25 KB
Presentations finished Pillar II projects
PDF icon 1._finished_pii_bus_nw_presentation.pdf4.23 MB
PDF icon 2._finished_pii_bus_qualishell-presentation.pdf1.56 MB
Presentations Horizon 2020 EE4 projects & posters
PDF icon 1._h2020_ee4_bus_ingrees.pdf925.11 KB
PDF icon 1._h2020_ee04_bus_ingrees_poster.pdf1015.71 KB
PDF icon 2._h2020_ee_4_busnl_bus2b_poster.pdf3.51 MB
PDF icon 2._h2020_ee4_bus-nl_bus2b.pdf3.52 MB
PDF icon 3._h2020_ee4_mens.pdf1.67 MB
PDF icon 3._h2020_ee4_mens_poster.pdf12.44 MB
PDF icon 4._h2020_ee4_prof-trac_best_practice_0.pdf2.58 MB
PDF icon 5._h2020_ee4_train_to_nzeb.pdf1.22 MB
Presentations Technical Working Groups
PDF icon twg_1_finance.pdf279.61 KB
PDF icon twg_2_mutual_recognition_framework_.pdf329.83 KB
PDF icon twg_2_survey_results.pdf1.73 MB
PDF icon twg_3.1_innovation_and_incentives_helder_goncalves.pdf312.56 KB
PDF icon twg_3.2_innovation_and_incentives_simonas_gausas.pdf279.88 KB
PDF icon twg_3.3_innovation_and_incentives_jadranka.pdf217.46 KB
PDF icon twg_4_market_acceptance_.pdf471.08 KB
Presentation on cross-crafts understanding
PDF icon cross-crafts_understanding_workshop_ppt.pdf252.85 KB
Ex-post audit findings from IEE projects
PDF icon iee_ex-post-audit-findings_on-line_0.pdf355.02 KB
Report on the 7th EU Exchange Meeting
PDF icon d1.4_meeting_report_18-19_jan_2016_final.pdf3.28 MB