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Estonia - Pillar I

The Estonian BUILDEST project (Development of the Estonian Continuing Education and Training Roadmap and Action Plan for the Building Sector to 2020) was part of the Build Up Skills project implemented by the Executive Agency for Competitiveness & Innovation (EACI) and funded by Intelligent Energy Europe (IEE) programme. The objective of the project was to embed training on efficient and sustainable energy solutions for buildings in the mainstream curricula and practice of building professionals in Estonia, taking into account the expected contribution of the building sector to the national 2020 targets and the requirements for “nearly zero-energy buildings”. The ultimate goal of the Roadmap and Action Plan on education was to encourage relevant national stakeholders to provide trainings, modify and innovate the existing qualification system requirements so as to improve considerably the level of continuing education in the building sector, taking into account common European trends. The project brought together all relevant national stakeholders in the building sector 1) to provide optimal high-level resources (experience, skills) for the analysis of further education, training and qualification system and labour market of the Estonian building sector and 2) for the development of the Estonian roadmap and action plan addressing the outcomes of the conducted analysis and providing sustainable solutions for the building sector in terms of energy efficiency gains and/or renewable energies uptake by 2020.

There were two (2) major outputs from the BUILDEST project:

A comprehensive analysis of the status quo of the Estonian building sector on different levels: clarification and description of training and qualification needs, development perspectives in the building sector and the overall legal, political, educational environment with respect to providing energy-efficiency aware and capable workforce.

Estonian Continuing Education and Training Roadmap and Action Plan for the Building Sector to 2020 taking into account the results and conclusions of the status quo analysis and focusing on energy efficiency knowledge and skills. The Roadmap will contribute to further development of the national continuing education and training programmes and qualification system of the building sector workers supported by relevant stakeholders and market actors nationwide.

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Foundation KredEx
Ms Triin Väljataga

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Estonian Association of Construction Entrepreneurs (EACE)
Foundation Innove
Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications of Estonia (MKM)
Tallinn University of Technology (TUT)


The BUILDEST II project focuses on delivering two types of results:
1) Preparation of training schemes and materials for trainers, with pilot implementation and
2) Preparation of training schemes for qualified and non-qualified construction workers.
These activities will result in up to 14 new and modernised training schemes for workers and trainers with corresponding modern training / study materials. The training schemes will be built into the Estonian qualification requirements.

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  • Construction works
  • Carpenter
  • Construction finisher
  • Heating, plumbing, ventilation, installers of RES systems
  • Bricklayers

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