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Greece - Pillar I

Since well qualified construction workers are one of the key factors for achieving significant contribution towards the 2020 energy efficiency objectives, in both the national and EU levels, the Project "BUILD UP Skills - Greece" (BUS-GR) – focusing on and addressing the specific Greek needs – aims to facilitate the Building sector Workforce Training and Qualification by agreeing on and elaborating a National Qualification Roadmap.

The specific objectives of BUS-GR are to:

- form a national platform on Energy Efficiency and RES related training programs and qualification schemes for the building construction sector workers;

- identify and quantify the need for qualified workforce in Greece in order to describe the current status quo;

- design and set up a national training and qualification strategy (the Roadmap) up to 2020 for the achievement of national sustainable energy goals;

- ensure the roadmap adoption by all relevant stakeholders in Greece via the appropriate endorsement activities.

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Project patner(s)

Centre for Educational Policy Development of the Greek General Confederation of Labour
Decision Support Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens
Labour Institute of the Greek General Confederation of Labour
National Organization for the Certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance
Renewable and Sustainable Energy Systems Lab., Technical University of Crete
Small Enterprises Institute of the Hellenic Confederation of Professionals, Craftsmen and Merchants
Western Greece Region


BUILD UP Skills UPSWING aims at developing three large scale fully functional training and qualification schemes for 3 professions with substantiated great impact on the energy upgrade of buildings in Greece. Initially, the specific training schemes will be designed according to the identified needs. The relevant occupational profiles will be updated and validated. Next, the training materials and guidelines, and the assessment criteria and tools for the exams leading to certification will be developed, while the “train the trainers” courses will be designed and piloted. Then, the schemes will be tested in pilot courses, to be evaluated and revised before launching to a fully functional large-scale level. In order to ensure the sustainability and enhancement of the training schemes after the project’s end, a number of accompanying measures in support of their coordination and operation are planned.

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  • insulation installer
  • aluminium and metal constructions craftsmen
  • installers-maintainers of burners

National contact information

Project patner(s)

Decision Support Systems Laboratory, National Technical University of Athens

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