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Norway - Pillar I

The Norwegian consortium consists of public authorities in the areas of construction and energy policies and organisations within the Norwegian construction industry. Norway has taken due note of the role of energy efficiency and RES and the large contributions expected from the construction sector. It is also expected that the building codes will be even more ambitious 10 years on from today.

Therefore, the Norwegian construction sector needs to be ready to deliver buildings new nearly zero-energy as well as renovations offering a high-energy performance. The activities in the national consortium will be organised by the Low-Energy program, which is an established national co-operation program between public authorities and the construction industry to increase competence on energy efficient building and the use of RES in buildings. An important part on the activity will be to describe the current situation with regard to competence, education and training. On this basis, national qualification roadmaps and other measures that will ensure the continuing education and training of the on-site workers in the construction sector and close the gaps, will be developed and endorsed.

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The Norwegian building authority (NBA)
Mathieu Veulemans

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Federation of Norwegian Construction Industries (FNCI)
Norwegian Association of Building Constractors (NAB)
Norwegian Association of Building Constructors (NABC)
Norwegian Association of Masons and Bricklayers (NAMB)
The Norwegian Association of Plumbing, Heating and Ventilating Contrac-tor (NAPHV)