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Slovakia - Pillar I

The objective of the Initiative BUILD UP SKILLS SLOVAKIA is to prepare the first steps of the National Policy of the Vocational Education Improvement in Construction Sector for the blue collar workers (on-site workers) and construction supervisors, to face the challenges of the green economy, especially the ”new“ energy, i.e. energy efficiency and renewable sources. The focal object of the proposed Initiative is the sector of Buildings. Even though all phases of the building lifecycle are important from the viewpoint of the energy consumption, the most important is the construction of buildings. Therefore, the skills level of construction craftsmen is crucial for the low energy consumption of new constructed and major renovated buildings.

The project will be led by the Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia (Zväz stavebných podnikateľov Slovenska – ZSPS) with assistance of other 4 consortium members: the Building Testing and Research Institute (Technický a skúšobný ústav stavebný – TSUS), the Congress and Educational Centre (Ústav vzdelávania a služieb), the Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency (Slovenská inovačná a energetická agentúra – SIEA) and EkoFond, non investment fund established by the Slovak Gas Company. The project is planned for 18 months and is divided into 5 work packages. Each work package is lead by some of the consortium members. For WP1: Project management – ZSPS, WP 2: Analysis of the national status quo – TSUS, WP3: Development of the road map – UVS, WP 4: Endorsement activities – SIEA, WP 5: EU exchange activities – ZSPS; Dissemination and exploitation of the project and its results (which is included in all other work packages) – EkoFond.

Primary target groups of the project are the employees of construction companies and installers of building services equipment as well as other on-site employees. In terms of professions, the project will focus primarily on wallers, window installers, installers of shading devices, thermal insulation and waterproofing installers, plasterer, carpenters, plumbers, heating and cooling devices installers, air-conditioning installers, heat pump and photovoltaic installers, as well as lighting installers. The secondary target groups are construction supervisors in the meaning of their ability of an in-deep check of all above mentioned professions´ work outputs.

Project Factsheet

Key Documents

Project details

National contact information

Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia – ZSPS
Mr. Attila Jambor

Project patner(s)

Building Testing and Research Institute, n.o. - TSÚS
Congress and Educational Centre - UVS
EkoFond, non-investment fund established by SPP
Slovak Innovation and Energy Agency - SIEA


The project will set up the national qualification and training scheme for on-site workers in the field of buildings focused on energy efficiency and use of renewables in buildings. This will strengthen the qualification of craftsmen, construction workers, system installers and other professions identified as a priority target group in the Roadmap.


The project will lead to:
- Development of 9 cross-trade training programmes for further education and training of on-site workers in the field of buildings and 1 training programme for on-site trainers and assessors;- Setting up a permanent network of trainers delivering the cross-trade training programmes developed under the project;- Training of trainers for delivery of the programmes;- Setting up the network of companies cooperating in delivering cross-trade training programmes on the basis of agreements negotiated under the project;- Proposal for financial measures to be established to encourage the participation of craftsmen and other target groups to training programmes and SMEs to invest into further education;- Proposals to Slovak Government for incentives boosting demand for highly qualified workers;- Reaching financing agreements using ESF for dissemination of training programmes;- Setting up a database of trained professionals to be accessed by construction companies for recruitment of skilled professionals.

Project details

Level of Progress: 
EU contribution: 
Trade / Profession: 
  • façade workers/ plasterer (building envelope)
  • roofers
  • HVAC installers
  • electrical installers (energy infrastructure)
  • bricklayers
  • house painters
  • insulation installers
  • tile setters
  • concrete worker, concrete and steel constructions
  • crane and construction machinery operator

National contact information

Zvaz stavebnych podnikate ov Slovenska / Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia
Dr DOKTOR Frantisek

Project patner(s)

Zvaz stavebnych podnikate ov Slovenska / Association of Construction Entrepreneurs of Slovakia

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