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EU Exchange Meetings

Throughout the whole BUILD UP Skills Initiative , a number of EU Exchange Meetings have been organised to promote the European dimension of the programme and to foster exchange of ideas between the countries. Some of the challenges in the building sector are country specific but most are arguably common across many countries. The Exchange Meetings foster the exchange and transfer of the rich technical expertise and experience that exist within the national BUILD UP Skills Consortia.

14th BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting

The 14th edition of the BUILD UP Skills European exchange meeting brought together participants of EU-funded projects in an online format on 28th - 29th November. These European exchange meetings have been held since the early days of the BUILD UP Skills initiative, which started in 2011. They aim to create a forum for exchange on common challenges and best practices in an effort to advance the skills agenda in the field of energy efficient buildings. 

3rd EU Exchange Meeting, Brussels, 26-28 November 2012

The third EU Exchange Meeting of the BUILD UP Skills Initiative took place in Brussels from the 26-28 November. The event gathered around 90 project participants from 30 countries.  A workshop opened to all interested parties took place in the morning of the 28th November to present and discuss preliminary findings, to inform and involve European stakeholders as well as to facilitate exchange on EU policies to promote skills development in the building sector.


2nd EU Exchange Meeting, Ljubljana, 11-13 June 2012

1st EU Exchange Meeting, Brussels, 23-25 November 2011