Building envelope (walls, windows,...)

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5th International Conference on Civil and Building Materials (ICCBM 2021) + 11th International Conference on Advanced Materials Research (ICAMR 2021)

+ 11th International Conference on Advanced Materials Research (ICAMR 2021)

The 5th International Conference on Civil and Building Materials (ICCBM 2021) is to be held in Singapore, during January 21-24, 2021, as the workshop of The 11th International Conference...

Venticool newsletter issue #17 - December 2020

Welcome to the December 2020 issue of the venticool newsletter! Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, we adapt to the situation and our work continues uninterruptedly.   As many as 194 participants attended the webinar Resilient Ventilative...

2020 Getting to Zero Buildings List

NBI's 2020 list of pioneering zero energy (ZE) projects represents the latest growth in a rapidly expanding market. ZE buildings are extremely energy efficient, with a median site EUI of only 23 kBtu/sf/yr*, and consume only as much energy...

A Pattern Language from Passive House

How to design and build high-performance apartment buildings at the lowest possible cost.   "A Pattern Language from Passive House" is an interactive workshop that teaches cost-effective planning and design of affordable,...

Introduction to the Passive House Standard (A PG&E Event)

This course guides participants through the principles and economics of the Passive House Standard highlighting case studies in California.   About this Event   To enroll for this course, please go to PG&E's...

Building Conversations - Passivehouse Canada

Building Conversations - December 16, 2020 Date:  16 Dec 2020 Temps:  9:00am - 9:45am PST   REGISTER   It’s no secret that Passive House is considered to be the most rigorous voluntary...

ISTOS project

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 952300.

Concept:   Europe is experiencing an increasing number of disasters due to severe and extreme weather and climate events.   The more vulnerable a community is to such natural hazards, the greater the risk of human and...

BOKU Ilse Wallentin house

Klima aktiv GOLD   klimaaktiv points: 965 out of 1000   In terms of sustainability, in addition to the wooden construction, the compactness of the building with regard to energy efficiency was taken into account. The...