Building envelope (walls, windows,...)

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Motiva Oy is a Finnish energy agency supported by the government. It produces expert services in order to promote efficient energy use and renewable energy. The company’s services are utilised by the public administration, businesses, communities,...

Access to more than 3600 ventilation related pdf documents on AIVC website

There are on the website of the AIVC (Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre) some 18.000 abstracts and more than 3600 pdf documents on ventilation related topics. All these publications are available free of charge for download by citizens in...

Building Airtightness: International symposium and exhibition in Berlin

Building airtightness is becoming of increased importance in many European countries. Several countries pay attention to building airtightness in their regulation and sometimes even impose a minimum performance. For passive houses is the achievement...

Eco-buildings Glossy Brochure

The Eco-buildings Glossy Brochure presents information on all demonstration buildings from the 4 Eco-buildings projects BRITA in PuBs, Demohouse, Eco-Culture and SARA. For each building the project goal, the energy efficiency measures, the costs and...

Bringing Retrofit Innovation to Application - BRITA in PuBs Glossy Brochure

Brochure on the project results of the EU 6FP Ecobuildings project BRITA in PuBs. The booklet includes a documentation of all demonstration buildings and a introduction into the reports, guidelines, tools, training material and other outcomes of the...

Energetisch sanierte Wohngebäude

A textbook including the results of 40 retrofit demonstration buildings built from 1900 to 1980. The energy saving potentials and the amortisation of the investment costs are presented and analysed.

Bürogebäude mit Zukunft

A textbook presenting different aspects for the design of energy efficient and up-to-date office buildings. It is accompanied by a CD-Rom with teaching material and additional information.

Gebäude sanieren - Schulen

A guide for the energy efficient retrofit of school buildings including the experiences of demonstration projects.