Building envelope (walls, windows,...)

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Advanced energy design guide for highway lodging

This guide is intended to provide a simple approach for contractors and designers who create small hotels and motels in the USA. It represents a way to build energy-efficient hotels that use significantly less energy than those built to minimum...

Energetische Sanierung von Mehrfamilienhaüsern

This brochure explains the requirements of regulations and helps to identify and implement possible actions in order to save energy in the renovation process of multi-family houses. It results from the European project "Implement - the EPBD in...

German minister for buildings presents plus energy exhibition house

The German federal ministry for transport, building and urban affairs has installed an exhibition pavillion in form of a plus energy house in Berlin. The building participated in the solar decathlon competition in Washington DC in 2007 and won the...
The used energy efficiency technologies include new insulation materials, high efficient windows and phase change material as well as efficient energy supply technologies like a micro combined heat and power unit, fuel cells, heat pump and...

Energy Efficiency News on Building Design and Maintenance

Energy Efficiency News is published by Afion Media Ltd, an independent science and technical publisher, based in Cheltenham, UK. It seeks to provide a comprehensive, authoritative source of information in the energy efficiency sector. The online...
The selected link leads specifically to the Building Design and Maintenance topics of Energy Efficiency News.

Intelligent Energy Europe - New project brochures available

EACI, the European Agency for Competetiveness and Innovation has just published 5 new brochures showcasing 130 exciting projects funded by the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme. Publications can be downloaded and paper versions can be obtained...

Energy and Built Environment Catalogue - 2009

This publication gives an overview of all publications by Earthscan in relation to energy and the built environment.

The Indoor Environment Handbook - how to make buildings healthy and comfortable?

Ensuring that buildings are healthy and comfortable for their occupants is a primary concern of all architects and building engineers. This highly practical handbook will help make that process more efficient and effective. It begins with a guide...

AIR - Air Information Review

This is the quarterly newsletter from the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC). It can be downloaded free of charge from the AIVC website.