Building operation and energy management systems

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The Net Zero Building Conference Online

The Net Zero Building Conference is an online conference which is being held on April 22nd 2021. The event is focused on delivering sustainable buildings in the commercial & industrial sector. The event will run live online from 10am...

EDYCE project

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 893945.

EDYCE (Energy flexible DYnamic building CErtification) is the natural evolution of the conventional Energy Performance Certification into real-time optimization of...

Cold Climate HVAC & Energy SCANVAC 2021

Cold Climate HVAC & Energy 2021 - 10th International SCANVAC Cold Climate Conference   Tallinn Estonia - Full Virtual Conference 20-21 April 2021.   This international SCANVAC conference is dedicated...

domOS project LEATFLET

We are happy to share our new project leaflet!   The general concept of the project with locations of demonstration sites and project partners can be found there!   Download a leaflet  HERE!

The TABEDE Solution for Demand Response: final results and lessons learned

FINAL WEBINAR: The TABEDE Solution for Demand Response: final results and lessons learned   Fri, Apr 23, 2021 11:00 AM - 12:30 PM CEST   In the first two TABEDE webinars, we introduced you to demand response and its implementation...

The effect of occupant distribution on energy consumption and COVID-19 infection in buildings: A case study of university building

The occupant density in buildings is one of the major and overlooked parameters affecting the energy consumption and virus transmission risk in buildings. HVAC systems energy consumption is highly dependent on the number of occupants....

BauZ! 2021: Info - Presentations

BauZ! 2021: Info   BauZ! was held as a virtual event!  Presentations will be accessible for delegates as rebroadcast for 14 days, until April 9.   Bundle-Action conference proceedings (.as pdf) together with the link to...

procuRE Open Market Consultation on Achieving 100% RES in existing buildings

procuRE tackles the common challenge of achieving 100% Renewable Energy Supply (RES) in existing stock. The Buyers Group compromises six cities operating a stock of 21,000 buildings. Procurers invest €7.68 million in R...