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Adaptation of EN 15603, EN 13790 and related EU standards for defining a national calculation methodology for energy performance of buildings in Turkey

The most comprehensive legislation in Turkey on energy performance in buildings, in parallel with EPBD (Energy Performance of Buildings Directive), was released by Ministry of Public Works and Settlement in December 2008. According to the...
Array The workshop will focus on two subjects: Calculation methodology (as specific topics, in sessions 1‐4, as open discussion sessions) and software tools (in session 5, as presentations and discussion sessions)

IG Passivhaus Österreich

The IG Passivhaus Österreich is the Austrian interest group on passive houses.
Ziel der IG Passivhaus Österreich ist es gemäß den sehr ambitionierten Vorgaben des Europäischen Parlaments den Passivhausstandard bis 2011 in Österreich als erstes Land Europas als allgemeinen Standard zu etablieren. So kann der...

Training and information on energy saving and environmental comfort in buildings
With this blog we try to make training and information on green building and sustainability of buildings, sharing experiences and we will do in scientific research. The goal is to reach a number as large...

International method to be developed for calculating the actual energy consumption in the built environment

Internationally, both users and owners of buildings need a method to answer the question: how much energy uses my building? Within the IEA Implementing Agreement Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems Program (ECBCS) preparations...

Calculation method for the seasonal performance of heat pump compact units and validation

For the heating of low energy houses according to the MINERGIE® or MINERGIE-P® Standard with significantly reduced heat energy needs heat pump compact units have been developed in the recent years, which combined the functions space heating,...

Intelligent Energy Europe - New project brochures available

EACI, the European Agency for Competetiveness and Innovation has just published 5 new brochures showcasing 130 exciting projects funded by the Intelligent Energy - Europe Programme. Publications can be downloaded and paper versions can be obtained...

AIR - Air Information Review

This is the quarterly newsletter from the Air Infiltration and Ventilation Centre (AIVC). It can be downloaded free of charge from the AIVC website.

ABER - Advances in Building Energy Research

Advances in Building Energy Research (ABER) aims to provide expert and authoritative reviews and analyses of the most important developments across the rapidly expanding fields of energy efficiency and environmental performance of buildings. It also...