Certification schemes

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În data de 27 ianuarie 2021 (miercuri), ora 14, vă invităm la un nou webinar organizat de OAER atât pentru a prezenta stadiul dezvoltării programului de calcul cât și pentru a exemplifica în mod concret certificarea energetică a unui...

The Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency project

Concept and objectives:   Established in September 2013, the Copenhagen Centre on Energy Efficiency (Copenhagen Centre) is dedicated to accelerating the uptake of energy efficiency policies and actions at a global scale...

Survey of EPBD compliance in the European real estate sector

A King’s College London research study seeks to determine whether and how real estate companies are complying with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive, the role of the real estate sector in achieving the European Union’s climate...

Dublin city housing regeneration to passive-grade and community hub

Before the refurbishment started, the local authority had around 1,500 bedsits right across the city. Known as zero-bed units, they were small – usually no more than 26 square metres – and as they aged, they became progressively less...

Charles de Gaulle school in Tourcoing

The Charles de Gaulle is a preschool and elementary school building located in Tourcoing, France.   It is a certified Passive House new build.   THERMAL ENVELOPE:   Exterior wall Plaster 0,250 13 Rock wool...

iPHA’s Q&A with PHI – Building Certification with Corinna Geiger

How does the building certification process work? Why should buildings be certified? These are just some of the questions that the new series “iPHA Q&A with PHI” answered. Once a month, the iPHA Team sits together...

Why is Building Certification So Important?

Find out what the benefits of certifying your Passive House building are in this blog post.

2020 Getting to Zero Buildings List

NBI's 2020 list of pioneering zero energy (ZE) projects represents the latest growth in a rapidly expanding market. ZE buildings are extremely energy efficient, with a median site EUI of only 23 kBtu/sf/yr*, and consume only as much energy...