Certification schemes

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Le Diagnostic de Performance Energétique

This brochure explains to the French building owners or occupants what is the energy performance certificate and when/by whom it has to be established.


CIEPLEJ.PL is a portal of Dolnośląska Agencja Energii i Środowiska that features news, articles,and other useful sources on the subject of energy performance certification.

ESCO Europe 2009

The ESCO Europe conference provides a timely platform for key players in the European ESCO industry to exchange ideas and insights on how to take their ESCO business to the next level to meet the new industry demand and challenges.
Array Through exclusive in depth case study presentations this conference will enable you to:Get updated on the status of the European ESCO market Discuss the tools for ESCO, including Energy Performance Contracting and M&V tools Learn...

Linking EPBD and Commissioning

The Symposium deals with the current activities, taking place worldwide and throughout Europe, in the fields of building efficiency and monitoring. It comprises three sessions: 1. Results from the IEE-project "BuildingEQ", 2. Certification process...

IMMOVALUE - Strengthening the link between energy performance of buildings and property valuation

The IMMOVALUE project aims at integrating energy efficiency and life-cycle cost aspects into property valuation standards. In a first step the project team developed new methods, which are tested in pilot projects and run through a comprehensive...

General information on the project and partners, preliminary results and deliverables: Reports Report "International, European und national valuation practices and connecting points to energy performance certificates and LCC assessment...

Association of Energy Auditors ZAE

Zrzeszenie Audytorów Energetycznych (ZAE) is an association that facilitates cooperation between energy auditors and others interested in energy auditing and energy efficiency.

Aktualny stan prawny wdrożenia Dyrektywy 91/2002/WE i rola audytorów energetycznych w realizacji jej postanowień

The article describes the state of the art of implementation of Directive 91/2002/WE and the role of energy auditors in the process.

Świadectwa energetyczne a mostki cieplne

The article discusses the methodology of calculating thermal bridges for building energy performance certification. It concentrates on analyzing Polish national regulations concerning this calculation of thermal bridges.