Deep renovation technology packages

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Housing Europe's ambition to renovate 4 million affordable homes by 2030

The mission of cooperative, public and social housing providers is to provide affordable homes in sustainable communities and this work is becoming even more essential now as a result of the economic and social impact of this pandemic.

European Social, Cooperative and Public Housing providers aim at refurbishing 400,000 homes per year or 4 million homes by 2030.   This will decrease the energy consumption of the refurbished housing units on average by 50% by 2030, cut...

"A Breeze of Fresh Air? Ensuring Improved Indoor Air Quality is Delivered via the Renovation Wave"

3rd Edition of EuroACE Mini Online Workshops Series on the Renovation Wave   "A Breeze of Fresh Air? Ensuring Improved Indoor Air Quality is Delivered via the Renovation Wave",   EuroACE - Energy...

OVERVIEW | Integrated kits for building renovation

The building renovation sector has been moving towards the trend of using prefabricated renovation kits as an approach to effectively target the needs of any given project, and the design of kit-solutions that are able to respond...

4RinEU deep renovation: the case of Mariënheuvel in Soest

The H2020 project 4RinEU, coordinated by Eurac Research, aims to define technologies, methodologies and business models to increase the uptake of deep renovation in the European building stock.   To ensure adaptability to a wide variety of...

DEESME project

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon H2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 892235.

Concept:   A company’s energy saving initiatives are influenced mainly by numerous financial and organisational factors. High investment costs slow the adoption of energy efficient measures in SMEs.   The solution is to...

TripleA-reno combined labelling scheme: a resource for municipal buildings

The TripleA-reno Combined Labelling Scheme is the first such scheme developed especially for the renovation of dwellings, covering energy performance, indoor environmental quality, and well-being indicators.    Building on an analysis of...

WEBINAR| Low hanging fruit in decarbonisation of buildings? Wastewater Heat Recovery (WWHR) systems

The 23rd webinar on the Low Carbon Economy   Every day, more than 22,000,000 m³ of hot water are consumed by European homes alone. It is a major source of energy consumption for new housing, and yet 80 percent of this heat...

Recommendations for building renovations

The Efficient Buildings Community releases the latest policy recommendations for a Mediterranean building renovation programme

The Efficient Buildings Community has just developed a new set of recommendations for European and National decision-makers.   The eight recommendations are grounded in the experience of the Mediterranean local authorities and they aim to...