Energy policies and regulatory framework

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Thematic Seminar #1 – Examples from quantifying the split-incentive problem in the private rented sector in the national level

Most EU countries do not have any studies or estimations on the extent of the split incentive problem, which leads to design of policies for renovation with a subsidy rate that is not often adequate or optimised as it...

Revamping of Europe´s building stock is supported by the construction industry

The recast of the EPBD back in December 2021 had the main aim to reduce energy consumption and reach the climate targets. However, this revamp is supported by the construction industry. In fact, industry...

UK homes need to be refurbished to become more energy efficient

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has found that the majority of UK households are not comfortable about how heat pumps work, and a part of them are not aware of the national...

Educate consumers to increase the selling of heat pumps

Heating and cooling in households is responsible for 52% of final energy demand in Europe. Hence, EU energy policies (e.g. REPowerEU) are reiforcing the need to increase the selling and...

How to adapt the built environment to a changing climate

The World Green Building Council has published a guide for industry to support the urgent need for energy transition of the built environment.   Adaptation is needed at...

Scalable Cities & MATCHUP – Valencia Joint Event

The event "From Positive Energy Districts to Climate Neutral Cities: how to scale up our technologies and solutions" will take place on March 29th and 30th. Valencia, in Spain, as one of the MatchUP project lighthouse...

The role of energy efficiency auctions in 8 different countries

ENSMOV project has published a policy brief on the role of energy efficiency auctions by taking as example 8 countries´ experiences. Energy efficiency auctions are not a common part of...

The European policy plan to increase energy savings and improve skills

2023 has been nominated the "European Year of Skills" which is reflected in the ambitious socio-economic target of European energy policy. In fact, the European Green Deal is calling for a...