Environmental issues related to buildings

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How to adapt the built environment to a changing climate

The World Green Building Council has published a guide for industry to support the urgent need for energy transition of the built environment.   Adaptation is needed at...

Trophées Bâtiments Circulaires 2023

Participez à la 3e édition du concours de la construction circulaire et en matériaux de réemploi.   Le réemploi gagne du terrain dans le secteur de la construction, et les expérimentations...

Scalable Cities & MATCHUP – Valencia Joint Event

The event "From Positive Energy Districts to Climate Neutral Cities: how to scale up our technologies and solutions" will take place on March 29th and 30th. Valencia, in Spain, as one of the MatchUP project lighthouse...

Robots for gender balance: helping women conquer the construction sector

In this article, Diego Giuliani presents his vision of how robots would help woman to have more presence in the construction sector, helping, among other, with the current workforce shortage. 
Robotics is among the key strategies which were discussed in January at the 2023 CECE Congress in Chamonix, under the title “Embracing a changing society: diversity in construction”. The gender balancing...

Headquarters of the Order of Architects Réunion in Saint Denis (France)

This project won the Grand Prize in the "Tertiary Buildings" category of the Circular Buildings Trophies 2022. The project involves renovating and raising a "concrete hut" typical of 21st century...

Net-zero buildings helping to halve embodied carbon emissions

The report provides insights into strategies and measures that companies are taking to halve the embodied carbon emissions, which refer to building materials and construction...

Some relevant measures to help citizens fight the energy crisis

John Carley’s editorial, FEDARENE Vice-President for Circular Economy and Chair of the South East Energy Agency shares his perspective on how citizens can overcome the energy crisis....

Open Thor Living Lab

Open Thor Living Lab is a large-scale living lab where sustainable and innovative energy solutions come to life.   The Open Thor Living Lab is a top-level European innovation environment...