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Canada-EU exchange webinar: Supporting Local Action on Energy Efficiency

What are the available tools providing technical and financial support for local action in building renovations? What can we learn from leading European and Canadian cities' experience and what do they need to reach their climate goals?...

1st IAEE Online Conference

This digital conference is exceptional in many ways:   It offers to bring together energy economists, policymakers and business leaders from around the world in real time for 3 consecutive days. This event will allow a non-stop exchange...

Urban Future Global Conference - Virtual Events

Rotterdam live event rescheduled, digital CityChangers home-base are in the making!


VIRTUAL This is about you.   Boost your skills for driving change. Let's learn how to get started, scale up and master success! At Urban Future Virtual you can connect with the most exciting urban change-makers, listen to...

Targeting energy efficiency renovation to improve housing conditions of the most vulnerable

Avoiding social risks and ensuring the benefits.

Evidence points out that most vulnerable households face major challenges in the renovation of their homes. Lowest-income families live in most energy-inefficient homes, according to research by the Vlaams Steunpunt Wonen. This means that...

Benchmarking of Contractor and Energy Expert Validation & Management Systems for Home Renovation Programmes

8th of June 2021, 11:00 - 12:30 CET - Join us as we explore how various European home renovation programmes deal with the management and validation of contractors and experts as well as their related works and services.   The webinar,...

The Future of Multiple Benefits for Investors: Accelerating Energy Renovation Investments

This webinar is being held under the auspices of the European Union’s H2020 framework programme EEnvest Project (grant agreement 833122).

This webinar will help explore the present and consider the future of Multiple Benefits for investors and will review valuation methodologies, screening criteria and KPIs based on the experience of key market actors from the United States...

Slovenia plans refurbishment for 74% of single-family homes, 91% of multiapartment buildings by 2050

Author: Vladimir Spasić


The energy renovation of buildings until 2050 envisages a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions by 70% in the next ten years, and of CO2 emissions by 75% through 2050 from the 2005 levels.   The Government of Slovenia adopted a long-term...

First 100 households in Sarajevo get subsidies to abandon coal in heating

Author: Igor Todorović


Within a pilot project for incentives for households in Sarajevo Canton to abandon coal and other solid fuels in heating, 77 beneficiaries were selected for subsidies to install certified units that use wood pellets and 27 applicants will...