Indoor environment (thermal comfort, indoor air quality, acoustics)

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Bullitt Center – Seattle (USA)

Backed by its mission to protect the Pacific Northwest’s natural environment and promote healthy and sustainable ecosystems, the Bullitt Foundation wanted their new headquarters to be built to the highest level of sustainability. They also...

EXPO REAL Innovation / NOVA³ 2020

Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   REAL ESTATE INNOVATION FORUM: all about digitalization   At the REAL ESTATE INNOVATION FORUM in Hall A3...

SMARTER Conference and Plenary Meeting - Copenhagen

SMARTER Finance for Families: enhancing the wellbeing of Europe's citizens by providing opportunities for the finance and construction industry to create Green Homes.


Due to the Covid-19 containment measures, please check the latest status of the event at the organisers’ webpage.   This 24 months Horizon 2020 funded project started on May 2019 – SMARTER  Finance for Families – will...

Mini Online Workshop on the Renovation Wave - EuraACE

Building on the success of the 1st Mini Online Workshops Series on the Renovation Wave, EuroACE is currently organizing a 2nd Mini Online Workshops Series called “Renovation Wave in Action: sharing experiences”. This new...

Technical High School for Health Professionals in Ettelbruck

The Lycée pour Professions de Santé in Ettelbruck, now the largest wooden building in the Grand Duchy, is a pilot project. It is indeed the first Luxembourg public building with positive energy. It is also the first in Luxembourg to aim...

The positive house. Casa SN (Arco, Italy) is the first Zero Energy certified building in Europe

Can a building produce more energy than it consumes, exclusively from renewable sources? Certainly! This is demonstrated by the experience of Casa SN (named after its owners Sara and Nicola Berlanda) which has recently...

Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE)

The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) is dedicated to improving the energy performance of buildings across Europe, and thereby helping to reduce CO2 emissions from the energy used by buildings.   BPIE is a not-...

Buildings & Recovery Measures - Webinar

Join the Renovate Europe webinar "Buildings & Recovery Measures" on 23/04 (09:30-10:30).   In collaboration with our partners DENEFF, SYNERGI & NRP we will shed light on the role of energy renovation of buildings in EU economic...