Internal insulation systems

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Helping offsite construction minimize carbon footprint through insulation automation

The ERA Report presents the Industrial technology roadmap for circular technologies and business models has already named offsite production automation as a beneficial pathway toward Carbon-Zero...

Entech smart energies - Passive building in Quimper (France)

The Entech smart energies is an industrial building specialised in electrical energy storage and conversion in France and abroad. The building is a timber construction and...

The health benefits in reaching net zero by 2050

UK studies pinpoint that reaching net zero by 2050 can lead to an extra 2m years of lives across the population of England and Wales.   Retrofitting homes and adding insulation account for...

5 house renovations of British houses to improve energy efficiency

The articles showcases five renovation of British houses led by architects Sarah Wigglesworth's and Piers Taylor to make them more energy efficient. British houses are generally very old and lack...

Cours d’hiver : Isolation des murs par l'intérieur

Une large part des logements existants sont mal voire pas du tout isolés au niveau des murs. L’isolation des murs par l’intérieur améliore le confort thermique et réduit les déperditions...

"It all adds up", a UK national energy service for households

The UK government has launched a campaign, "It all adds up", to support households on how to cut energy consumption and thus save money. This service is responding to...

Insulation opportunities to save energy for EU households

This new study by Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) proves that the improvement in the insulation of existing residential buildings helps to improve EU energy independence and achieve ...

Europe’s energy crisis in data: Which countries have the best and worst insulated homes?

As cold weather grips Europe, many people are deeply concerned about their heating bills.    Energy prices have soared following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, and the European Commission has called on countries to...