Micro-CHP in buildings


Stirling engine at the Stukitz swimming pool - Best Practice Factsheet - Austria

The ageing heating appliances of an outdoor swimming pool in Graz-Andritz were replaced with two gas fired Stirling 161 micro CHP Modules and a natural gas condensing boiler. This resulted with a rise in overall efficiency at more than 90%.

Micro-cogeneration unit at the “Schiestlhaus” - Best Practice Factsheet - Austria

The case study describes how a micro-cogeneration plant contributed to achieving 100 % regenerative energy supply and passive house quality for an alpine hut for refuge located above 2000 m in altitude.
The “Schiestlhaus” is the first alpine refugee hut of the Austrian tourist club with 100 % regenerative energy supply and passive house quality above 2000 m altitude. The “Schiestlhaus”, which opened in 2005, is located on the “...

Vegetable Oil engine at office building in Gleisdorf - Best Practice Factsheet - Austria

The company Feistritzwerke-STEWEAG runs a 3 cylinder Diesel engine, which has a power output of 18 kWth and 8 kWel at a fuel consumption of 3 l/h vegetable oil.

Position paper on the Energy Efficiency Directive, September 23, 2011

COGEN Europe welcomes the European Commission’s actions to ensure that Europe’s poor progress towards it 20% energy savings target must be corrected. The new Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) combining the scopes of the Energy Services Directive...

Educational and Athletic Centre - Case Study Fact Sheet - South Eastern Region, Greece

Doukas SA focused on the reduction of energy consumption and decided to exploit primary energy, from a CHP unit installed in its facilities under the Third Party Financing scheme. The produced energy (electrical & thermal) is at the moment self-...

Boarding School - Case Study Fact Sheet - Eastern region, Slovenia

In the boarding school NOVO MESTO, a renovation of a boiler plant and an installation of CHP plant with capacity 50 kWe and 81 kWth was carried out by the company Energen, d. o. o.
As a fuel natural gas is used. Before installing CHP, heat consumption was higher than the primarily planned, losses of the heating system were high and the building was energy wasteful.By installing CHP better energy efficiency and lower...

Aegean, Egnatia Hotels - Case Study Fact Sheet - South Eastern Region, Greece

ESTIA Consulting & Engineering S.A. installed 2 micro CHP units in “EGNATIA” and “AEGEAN” hotels, situated within the city center of Thessaloniki, Greece.

Small combined heat and power systems (micro-CHP)

CHP plants are becoming more frequently used and, soon, in family homes. What devices are currently on the market? What do the new Stirling engine applications? Get an overview and get a valuable insight into the technical, legal and economic...