Micro-CHP in buildings

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Veille sur les technologies émergentes de chauffage, ventilation, climatisation, production d'ECS

This report from the French Program RAGE 2012 provides the results of a technological survey operated in July 2012 by CETIAT about innovative HVAC systems for buildings. It covers: hybrid systems (heat pump + boiler), micro-CHP, very low...

IEA ECBES Annex 42 The Simulation of Building-Integrated Fuel Cell and Other Cogeneration Systems (COGEN-SIM) - Final Report

This is the final report of Annex 42 of the IEA ECBCS (Energy Conservation in Buildings and Community Systems)

The objectives of Annex 42 were to develop simulation models that advance the design, operation and analysis of residential...


OVERVIEW - Micro-CHP: the Next Generation Solution

For existing buildings, heat demand remains high and the ability to retrofit many renewable technologies is physically limited. For much of the existing housing stock, micro-Combined Heat and Power (micro-CHP) is therefore the next...

Here you can download the PDF version of this Overview article (see below under 'Additional documents').Enjoy reading, and feel free to send a comment of your own! What is micro-CHP?Micro-CHP refers to the small-...

CODE Project

The CODE (Cogeneration Observatory and Dissemination Europe) project ran from 2008-2011 and was an EU-wide independent assessment of the progress of the Cogeneration Directive 2004/08/EC. By giving rapid assessment on the Directive’s deployment...


Government Support for Micro-CHP in Europe - Critical aspects of transition from Field Tests to Mass Production

Micro-CHP (mCHP) is the small scale generation of heat and electricity simultaneously, from a single energy source, in individual homes or buildings. The initial success has been based on the deployment of internal combustion engine (ICE), with...


Cogeneration 2050: the role of cogeneration in a European decarbonised energy system

It is difficult to argue that Europe can afford to waste energy. Increasing fuel prices, security of supply, increasing global competition and budget constraints all signal that Europe must shift to a more efficient energy future.
Using the...


Micro-CHP Accelerator

By producing both useful heat and electricity locally, combined heat and power (CHP) systems can potentially achieve lower overall carbon emissions than conventional heating systems and grid electricity.

The Carbon Trust’s Micro-CHP...


ene.field – the smart energy solution – European project gains further momentum

The EU co-funded ene.field project, the largest demonstration of micro FC-CHP in Europe, chose Berlin for its second project meeting in order to build on the already extensive fuel cell experience in Germany.

ene.field, which will place up to 1,000 micro FC-CHP units in homes in Europe, is working closely with the Callux project, Germany’s biggest demonstration of fuel cell heating systems for domestic use. Partners of the ene.field team are...