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Webinar - Let’s Talk Circular Private Housing (UIPI)

On 27th April from 10.00H to 12.30H, the session of "Let’s talk circular private housing" will take place. This webinar is the third, and final, webinar of the "Circular talks" series, organised by the DRIVE 0 project.
REGISTER HERE The transition to a more circular and sustainable private residential sector in Europe is gaining momentum. While some early adopters of circular processes in construction and renovation projects have made...

Heating from Amazon´s building used to warm Irish houses

The Technological University Dublin has become one of the first building of a new district heating system linked to an Amazon warehouse. Indeed, the excess heat produced by the data centre has been...

BIM and digital twins to improve energy performance of urban districts

To plan future buildings in a sustainable and efficient way, the construction industry should draw on full potential of digitalisation. This could be achieved by using Building...

UK homes need to be refurbished to become more energy efficient

The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has found that the majority of UK households are not comfortable about how heat pumps work, and a part of them are not aware of the national...

Educate consumers to increase the selling of heat pumps

Heating and cooling in households is responsible for 52% of final energy demand in Europe. Hence, EU energy policies (e.g. REPowerEU) are reiforcing the need to increase the selling and...

Robots for gender balance: helping women conquer the construction sector

In this article, Diego Giuliani presents his vision of how robots would help woman to have more presence in the construction sector, helping, among other, with the current workforce shortage. 
Robotics is among the key strategies which were discussed in January at the 2023 CECE Congress in Chamonix, under the title “Embracing a changing society: diversity in construction”. The gender balancing...

Detached single family house in Barcelona

The main objective of this project was to build a house with high levels of energy efficiency with a modern style and certified Passivhaus Plus standard. The facades have been designed to...

Learn more about TRI-HP project with facsheets

The TRI-HP project has just ended but the dissemination of the results is continuing! They have published three factsheets which aim to provide an overview of the innovative aspects of In the technology...