Residential buildings


Solution Sets and Technologies for NZEBs

The CoNZEBs team has identified potential technical solution sets that can reduce cost in the construction process for NZEBs.   The scientific partners assessed the costs related to the construction and operation phase according to the...

Warum Niedrigstenergiehäuser die richtige Wahl sind

Das EU Horizont 2020-Projekt CoNZEBs (Cost reduction of new Nearly Zero‐Energy Buildings) hat eine Broschüre für aktuelle und zukünftige Bewohner von Niedrigstenergiegebäuden entwickelt.   Sie informiert über Erfahrungen, Erwartungen und...

Why Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are the Right Choice

Brochure in 4 languages: Why Nearly Zero Energy Buildings are the Right Choice   One of the main outcomes of the CoNZEBs project is the brochure for occupants (tenants and owners of their apartment). It informs about...

Common report on interviews with end‐users in NZEBs

What do occupants know really know and want from NZEBs?   The CoNZEBs team has compiled and conducted a survey in four countries (Germany, Denmark, Italy and Slovenia) to learn about the opinion of end-users in multi-...

The H2020 project ExcEED platform and its tools

The EU-funded project ExcEED collects data from new and energy efficient buildings (such as energy performance, CO2 emissions, etc.), gathered into a database.   Through the data collected, the platform will foster energy awareness and...

Venticool newsletter issue #14 - June 2019

A major venticool event is approaching: the 40th AIVC - 6th venticool & 8th Tight Vent joint conference:   "From energy crisis to sustainable indoor climate - 40 years of AIVC" to be held in Ghent on 15-16 October 2019.   Also, you...

Building renovations: social aid to accept the change

By Claudio Rocco

When energy-saving measures are planned in social housing buildings, the environmental aim is combined with the scope of reducing inequality. In Zaragoza, Spain, a team of social workers is helping the tenants of a multi-family building to...

LIFE Lugo + Biodinámico Project

Proyect number:LIFE14 CCA/ES/000489.

Concept   The LIFE Program of the European Union was born with the intention of providing funding for the defense of the Environment and Climate Action. Its objective is to be the catalyst for changes in development and...