Sustainable Public, Cooperative and Social Housing


Towards an Action Plan for Energy Efficient Housing in the UNECE region

The United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) in cooperation with CECODHAS - The European Liaison Committee for Social Housing and the City of Vienna is organizing an international Workshop on energy efficiency in housing to take place...
Array The workshop is a follow-up of a previous event that was held in Sofia on 21-22 April 2009 and focused on benefits and challenges of energy efficiency in housing, considered some cases studies and pilot projects in the region, and...

UK study says energy efficiency can save 100 pounds a year in homes

According to the house improvement service website "" UK property owners can save up to 100 British pounds a year by being more energy efficient in their home. The presented figures show that the average UK household spends 305 pounds...
Cutting energy costs can be easier than many people think. Suggestions for reducing the energy use include also regularly defrosting the fridge and washing clothes at a lower temperature.

AVASH project

The AVASH (Advanced Ventilation Approaches for Social Housing) project was funded by the EU IEE programme to investigate the most appropriate ventilation and insulation upgrade strategy, from the point of view of energy efficiency and health, for...

Achieving smart, energy efficient office buildings through the supply chain

Every building is delivered by a supply chain in a process involving several stages. Ensuring an efficient supply chain with good communication is key to energy efficiency. The supply chain comprises all the players that contribute to the final...

Environment, Heritage and Local Government

The mission is to promote sustainable development and improve the quality of life through protection of the environment and heritage, infrastructure provision, balanced regional development and good local government.