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Aalborg: Implementing a comprehensive environmental plan for sustainability

The City of Aalborg has for many years been especially active in environmental politics, working on all environment- related fields. Local Agenda 21 gives additional inspiration and impetus for further environmental actions. Hereby, the case of...

Friendly house

Educational campaign on energy eficiency in buildings
Friendly House is a nationwide educational programme focused on improving the energy efficiency in buildings. The scope of the program is energy efficient design, modernization, and exploitation of buildings. The actions include promotion...

BRITA in PuBs information tool BIT

The BRITA in PuBs Information Tool - Case studies, retrofit measures and perfromance rating to find the best retrofit concepts for public buildings. The BIT tool is targeted to assist decisions makers and their technical support in public...

Hol Church

Year of construction:    1924 Year of renovation (start):  2006-2007 Number of storey:   1 Heated volume   Approx 6000 m3 Cubic contents, volume  Approx 6150 m3 Gross area    600 m2 Living area Floor area (heated space)  550 m2 (net)...

Bringing Retrofit Innovation to Application - BRITA in PuBs

The BRITA in PuBs project from 2004 to 2008 aimed at rasing awareness on energy conservation and increasing the market penetration of innovative and effective retrofit solutions with moderate additional costs. To demonstrate such solutions 8...
The Ecobuildings project BRITA in PuBs was started in May 2004 to increase the market penetration of innovative and effective retrofit solutions in order to improve energy efficiency and implement renewables with moderate additional costs...

Calculation of the German energy performance of buildings standard DIN V18599 with ibp18599

Calculation according to the German energy performance of buildings standard DIN V 18599 featuring a multi-zone model, lighting, complex configurations of heating, airconditioning and cooling technologies. The tool allows the assessment of all...

Proevehallen Cultural Centre

Description of the renovation and its purpose The building, Proevehallen ("The test hall") was together with the building, Ovnhallen, right next to it, part of an industrial complex - a porcelain fabric. In Ovnhallen the porcelain was manufactured...
Building Roof: The roof was a so-called minimal construction – meaning that its load bearing capacity was very limited. It turned out that it could hardly carry the weight of the insulation according to the requirements in the building...

Encouraging energy conservation in the home

Article which refers to a recent study for the psychology behind energy usage and behaviour change to help inform energy strategies.