Very low energy buildings

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Call for applications for the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards

A new edition of the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards is organised by the French Agency for ecological transition (ADEME), with support from its Mediterranean and international partners, including BUILD UP...
The BUILD UP portal is listed as one of the partners of this edition of the Mediterranean Climate Change Adaptation Awards. Focusing on adaptation measures in the Building and construction sectors, this ...

Thematic Seminar #1 – Examples from quantifying the split-incentive problem in the private rented sector in the national level

Most EU countries do not have any studies or estimations on the extent of the split incentive problem, which leads to design of policies for renovation with a subsidy rate that is not often adequate or optimised as it...

Detached single family house in Barcelona

The main objective of this project was to build a house with high levels of energy efficiency with a modern style and certified Passivhaus Plus standard. The facades have been designed to...

"Zero carbon ready" homes created in lab

Researchers from Salford University are developing "zero carbon ready" homes in a laboratory. The Energy House 2.0 laboratory has two environmental chambers that are big enough to host two detached houses...

SmartBuilt4EU : Latest published brochures highlighting 100 Smart Buildings projects and 37 promising innovations

While smart buildings can enhance renovations, they also have a significant impact on energy performance and help to reduce energy consumption. Explore the latest SmartBuilt4EU...

New timber-framed student flats in Oxford

Wright & Wright Architects have won permission to build a development of new buildings and a reworked Victorian villa on the college’s Norham Gardens site to accomodate 128 students.   The buildings...

REVERTER project

This project aims to reduce the causes of fuel poverty, which are high energy costs, energy inefficient buildings and low household incomes. to this end, roadmaps will be designed starting with the worst performing households and a model will be...
In addition, the project will have ambassadors to help raise awareness of energy efficiency issues in these households.   Start Date: 01/11/2022 - End Date: 31/10/2025   Coordinator   ETHNICON METSOVION POLYTECHNION


The RENOVERTY project works to create roadmaps for the renovation of different rural districts in a way that ensures geographical replicability in regions of Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe.
The project aims to minimise some of the impacts of housing renovation, such as logistical, financial and legal, without losing sight of the social dimension with issues such as safety and comfort.    Start date: 1 November 2022 -...