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Energy gaining windows for residental buildings

This paper presents some of the research done during the last 8 years at the Technical University of Denmark developing improved low-energy window solutions. The focus has been on maximizing the net energy gain of windows for residential buildings....

Energieeffizient Sanieren

The book "energy efficient retrofit" gives an introduction into the legal provisions for energy efficiency, the calculation of energy performance and the standards for energy efficient retrofits. The main part of the book is the nearly complete...

Energy Saving and CO2 Reduction Potential from Solar Shading System Shutters in the EU25 (ESCORP - EU25)

Solar blinds and shutters contribute to reduce the energy demand of buildings in 2 ways: in wintertime, due to a supplementary thermal resistance in closed position, they reduce the heating energy demand; in summertime, by avoiding superfluous solar...

Solar Protection Plays a Major Role in the Overall Energy Balance

This document published by ES-SO (European Solar Shading Organisation), the umbrella organisation of European roller shutter and solar shading organisations, gives a greater understanding of roller shutter and solar shading products and emphasises...