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Substitution of Weigh House windows

The energy balance of the Weigh House is the basis for optimizing the energy efficiency actions in the building. Particularly, the simulation permitted to confront the performances of different type of intervention on historic windows.

Dynastee webinar - How to determine the real performances of buildings? Building characterisation by co-heating

In order to reduce the energy use of buildings, several countries have put forward more stringent requirements on the energy performance of new and renovated buildings.  Without exception, these buildings are characterised or awarded a...


Overview The building envelope; also known as the building shell, fabric or enclosure ; is the boundary between the conditioned interior of a building and the outdoors. The energy performance of building envelope...

SEEP - Sistema de Etiquetagem energética de Produtos

The Energy Labelling System (SEEP), a project sponsored by ADENE (Portuguese Agency for Energy), rates, on a voluntary basis, the energy performance of products used in buildings. It serves as a tool to encourage better decisions and...

Sistema de Etiquetagem energética de Produtos - A importância dos produtos eficientes na reabilitação urbana

This slide presentation from ADENE (Portuguese Agency for Energy) shows the importance of the energy renovation of the building stock in Portugal. Energy renovation is a good way to improve comfort, to reduce the energy bill, to sell or...

34th AIVC conference, 2013 - Summary of the ventilative cooling track

Over 160 people attended the joint 34th AIVC, 3rd TightVent, 1st venticool and 2nd Cool Roofs Conference held in Athens, Greece on 25-26 September, 2013. The conference focused on research, technologies, policies and market transformation...

US Buildings Energy Data Book

The Data Book includes statistics on residential and commercial building energy consumption. Data tables contain statistics related to construction, building technologies, energy consumption, and building characteristics.The Building...

OVERVIEW - Superinsulating Materials: A New Era of Insulation Technologies

A new generation of insulating materials has emerged on the market during the last decade. The use of superinsulating materials (SIM) begins a new era of insulation technologies. To...