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Nicole Hartl

Project leader, Austrian Energy Agency (Non-profit)

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Building typologies for energy performance assessment of national building stocks

The objective is to learn how to structure the variety of energy-related features of existing buildings. As a result of the enquiry it can be stated that there are a lot of different activities which are based on typological criteria. Some of them...

Keep Cool - Transforming the market from "cooling" to "sustainable summer comfort"

The project Keep Cool II proposes different actions to achieve this goal. For this it is divided in two phases. The first one provides analysis and technical tools to overcome the most important barriers by introducing sustainable summer comfort....

Project information - Typology approach for building stock energy assessment (TABULA)

Each model building will represent a certain construction period of the country and a specific building size. The key outcome of the project will be an interactive webtool that allows using the Building Typology for different applications as e. g. ...