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Sweden's municipal housing company's 'energy challenge' transported to Italy

Members of Swedish national municipal housing federation SABO, leader of the Swedish POWER HOUSE platform agreed together on an achievable energy consumption target of 20% by 2016 signed a commitment, assigned an energy contact person and then got...

POWER HOUSE study day in Brescia, Italy

The city manages its own district heating system and has developed a public-private company for the conversion and upgrading of its heating systems. The study day was coordinated by POWER HOUSE Italy. Find out more about the programme which was...

POWER HOUSE France brings experts from Germany, Austria, Netherland and England

At the conference four members of the CECODHAS energy experts' network presented a stock-take of the energy policy in social housing in their country: Ingrid Vogler, from GdW, Germany, Eva Bauer from GbV, Austria, Albert Koedam from Aedes, the...

POWER HOUSE EUROPE invited to the Netherlands

Aedes and the National Tenants Union had a stand on the business fair to promote the covenant on energy saving and sustainability. In the covenant, which is also signed by the Dutch Government, the parties express the intention to reduce energy...

The Spanish POWER HOUSE platform publishes best practices

In addition, The Institute for Energy Diversification and Efficiency from the Spanish Ministry for Trade, Tourism and Industry was invited to present a new funding programme entitled Biomcasa to promote the use of biomass in the residential sector....

Living the future: housing, sustainable cities and the EU cohesion policy after 2013

Array Be part of the discussion on how the EU (in particular the EU Cohesion Policy) can help to develop smart, resource-efficient and inclusive cities and neighbourhoods and why affordable housing is a crucial element of it!What this...

CECODHAS–Housing Europe launches new "POWER HOUSE" service to boost networking between the 39,000 affiliated housing providers throughout the EU

This CECODHAS-Housing Europe led initiative is supported by the Intelligent Energy Europe programme now has an official on-line home at The new site provides space for organizations to upload case studies and an on-line...

CECODHAS- Housing Europe in Poland for 'City 2010 - Energy Efficiency in Cities'

The conference was supported by European Parliament’s URBAN intergroup and hosted by the group’s president Jan Olbryct in cooperation with the Polish the Europe is simple” association, the City of Katowice and the Association of Polish Cities. As...

Summary of the CECODHAS workshop on building refurbishment at the 2010 World Sustainable Energy Days

Refurbishments should also be cost-effective - many of CECODHAS-Housing Europe members have raised concerns about studies which maintain that investments can always be recovered in the short term through reductions in energy bills alone, while in...

Sustainable Public, Cooperative and Social Housing

All over the EU, Social Housing organisations are increasing the energy efficiency of their housing stock, however there remains potential for further improvements. To accelerate this process,  experts from national and regional federations need a...